Gay parenting is on the rise, with more and more same-sex couples choosing to have children through adoption or – more often – surrogacy. But there are a lot of myths on the subject.

Gay Parenting Myths Debunked

Some of the more prominent include:

Myth #1 – Gay parents don’t provide stable homes – Committed gay couples are not more likely to split up than married heterosexual couples. Of course, no type of couple is inherently stable, and the fact that most states don’t allow gay marriages impacts the statistics. But some research has been done in academic and nonprofit circles, and the conclusion is that gay and heterosexual relationships tend to last about as long as each other.

Myth #2 – The ‘gay gene’ is inherited – that children born to, or raised by, gays are more likely to turn out gay themselves. A lot of scientific studies have been done on this, and no evidence whatsoever has been found to substantiate the idea.

Myth #3 – That children suffer from not having both a male and a female role-model in the home. Quite aside from the fact that millions of children today are being raised in single-parent homes, research studies suggest that only that alone – having two loving parents, regardless of gender – has the slightest observable effect on a child’s developmental outcome.

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